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We are where our clients are

Whilst still a very young firm, we have a global presence with operations in some of the world's more important financial centres. We are, therefore, able to better service global Financial Services Institutions where they operate.

A Global Presence

Evolution Partners was founded in Hong Kong, and we have since expanded our global footprint to include the United Kingdom, France and Australia.

We continue to expand and are looking to open additional offices in Singapore and the United States in the next few years.

Hong Kong, SAR

Managing Partner: Bob Chapman

Hong Kong is 'Asia's World City' and the region's leading financial centre. It provides access both to Mainland China as well as North and East Asia.

Hong Kong is where Evolution Partners was founded and Asia will always be a critical part of the firm's business.

Paris, France

Managing Partner: Eric Veron

Paris, the 'City of Light' is a vitally important European financial centre. France is the home to some of the world's leading banks and insurance companies, all of which have extensive operations overseas.

The Evolution Partners Paris office is our continental European headquarters.

London, UK

Managing Partner: David Powell

London has always been one of the world's leading financial centres. Located on the Greenwich Meridian, London's business day overlap with Asia in the morning and the Americas in the afternoon.

Most of the world's leading Financial Services Institutions have substantial operations in London, and it is also one of Evolution Partners' most important offices.