In this graphics series, we share the story behind the Evolution Partners name. Here we explore the third pillar: the firm’s approach to its clients.

Helping our clients to evolve through client-side, embedded teams.

We work alongside our clients, often embedded within their own teams. This collaborative model not only allows our clients to retain ownership and accountability throughout, but enables us to help develop and up-skill client staff and ensure there is effective knowledge transfer. This leads to improved internal capability and helps our clients become better able to undertake a greater proportion of the transformation activities than before. This model also significantly reduces implementation cost due to the smaller consulting teams required.

Evolving together.

We focus on nurturing long-term client relationships. Over 95% of our work comes from repeat clients and referrals. Our clients come first – we believe that if our clients are successful, we will be successful too. This symbiosis enables us and our clients to grow and evolve together.